Phobias can take many forms but the overall symptom of a phobia is a fear of the object or focus of the phobia, causing at best embarrassment and at worst, taking over the whole of a persons life.

Phobias can be split into three generalised forms:-

Social Phobia where a person suffers from a social anxiety disorder, for instance, an inability to eat in public

Specific phobias where a person fears a specific object, causing a panic attack, for instance, spiders, snakes, dogs, elevators, water, flying etc.

Agoraphobia where a person has a fear of leaving home or a small familiar 'safe' area, and of possible panic attacks that might follow.

Phobias are usually created as a learned response to one or a number of stimuli over a period of time. The phobia may relate directly to the trigger ie being bitten by a dog brings a fear of dogs or the phobia may have a more indirect route for instance having a bad experience whilst being stood next to a red car may trigger a phobia of red cars. Phobias can also be learned by watching other peoples reactions to an object.

Hypnotherapy, combined with Neurolinguistic Programming can be very effective at helping people to overcome their fears by treating the anxiety caused by the trigger and also by re-training the mind to remember the original trgger in a way that does not create anxiety.

Are you letting your phobia control your life? Take control.

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