Since the smoking ban, thousands of people have made the decision to stop smoking but how many have actually achieved their goal?

Hypnotherapy has been proven to be one of the most successful ways of giving up smoking (Click on this link for a news article). This is because a psychotherapeutic and hypnotherapeutic approach is tailored to the individual and addresses why you smoke and your reasons for wanting to quit. The hypnosis itself is then designed around you and your individual situation. As everyone is different and has different motivations and craving issues for cigarettes, it makes sense to use a smoking cessation method that reflects this.

You can quit smoking through hypnotherapy in as little as one session and you don't have to use extra drugs in the form of patches and gum. Our rates are £100 for a one and a half hour session and this is enough for most people but follow-up sessions are also available. This investment will repay someone previously smoking 15 cigarettes a day in three weeks, freeing up that valuable income for you to enjoy in other ways.

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