Below are some testimonials for my work given by clients. Some are fairly short, others are longer and more heartfelt, depending on the nature of the problem. All are genuine and were sent to me personally in written form but names have been removed to protect confidentiality


On Smoking Cessation...

"Hi Rachel, i was clearing out my old emails and found your website, i would just like to thank you for your expert help in getting me to quit the fags, i am sitting here typing having been smoke free for nearly 20 months, and not even touched 1. so thanks for everything, Kind regards"

From a client who had failed several driving tests before seeing me...

"Hi IV PASSED! :D I can't thank you enough! X"

From a client with social phobia and anxiety...

"Having spent a large part of my life troubled by certain issues arising from situations in my past, that has seen me suffer from such things as depression and relationship problems amongst other things, beginning therapy sessions with Rachel has proved to be like a breath of fresh air and has proved to be one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. The therapy proved to shed a certain light on my issues and allowed me to see these issues in a different light, such that they no longer have a negative grip on my life and the knock on effect of this is a feeling of a new and fresh lease of life along with a very positive and healthy sense of self.

The environment in which the therapy takes place I found to be very comfortable and very safe allowing for the commitment needed on my part to share and air the issues I had with Rachel, a commitment required to see the therapy through to its natural conclusion.

All in all I would not hesitate to recommend Rachel to anyone seeking genuine help with whatever issues they feel they may have that maybe blighting their lives in one way or another. I personally strived to find answers and help for my issues for a very long time before I came across Rachel, and it was a very long time worth waiting for."

From a client suffering with depression and anxiety...

"Rachel has given me my life. I never thought I deserved a life before I started to see her. She is honest and has made me look at myself in a truthful way. This has been hard to do but I have learnt that once you are honest with yourself and face up to what you are really like, then you can change the way you deal with things and you can change you.

Itís scary because Iíd been dealing with things the same way for over 30 years so to change all of that has been a major thing for me. It didnít happen over night and I still find some things tough to deal with but I rely on Rachel less now.

The hardest part was letting go of how I thought about myself and how I fitted in to my world. Itís like when you learn to ride a bike, someone to hold on to the seat until you are ready to have a go on your own. Rachel is that person for me. She has supported and guided me until I have felt ready to trust myself. I still fall off and crash now and again, but thanks to Rachel I have the tools I need to make it less painful and I am not afraid to get back on and try again.

Rachel is great because she works with you to find the answers you need, if you work things out for yourself itís easier to understand rather than someone telling you the answers.

I can not express enough thanks to Rachel, and picking up the phone and talking to her the first time was the best thing I ever did. Itís not been easy and at times I have wanted to run away from the truths she has helped me face up to. Some of the techniques may seem strange or even silly to you at the time but trust me, go with it, believe in it, because the first time you realise the technique has worked is one of the most remarkable and liberating feelings in the world!

If you are thinking of making that call, do it, and when you meet Rachel be honest, thatís the key to make the changes you want. The time you spend with her is about you, and if you let go and tell her everything, even the things you try to hide from yourself, she can help you to help yourself. Good Luck."