Hynotherapy appears in the news more often than you realise

Hope Level Therapy would like to share some of the recent news articles that I've found with you.
My work is all about ME now, says Alison
Essex Echo - Basildon,Essex,UK
However, Alison then talked to friends who suggested she try the Lightning Process, a unique brand of therapy support which uses posture, hypnotherapy and ...

How hypnotherapy can help to cut down your drinking
Times Online - UK
She even had four hypnotherapy sessions (not with Foster), but it didn't stop her drinking more than she would like, between two and four glasses a night. ...

Self-Healing and Clinical Hypnosis
Nenagh Guardian - Tipperary,Ireland
CLINICAL HYPNOSIS? It is not in any way like the stage antics and tricks that we have all witnessed a 'hypnotist' performing on TV or at a show. ...

Kenny believes itís all in the mind
The Herald - Glasgow,Scotland,UK
Lynn Kenny has turned to hypnotherapy in an effort to climb the rankings of the Ladies' European Tour that stops off in Scotland, at the Carrick on Loch ...

The Scottish actor quit just over a year ago with the help of hypnotherapy and now he can't believe he had so many problems giving up in the past. ...

Pain-free alternative to anaesthetics?
BBC News - UK
Both doctors said the process by which a body can shut out pain by hypnosis is not well understood. "Presumably what happened is that his own body released ...